In today’s business world, people employed in multinational companies, foreign managers working abroad, and local managers working in a multi-cultural environment face recurring challenges. These challenges include how to communicate effectively, manage productively, and transfer knowledge smoothly to the target culture. Most often, the underlying and unexplored causes of these challenges are related to culture or, better yet, cultural diversity.

Our Cross-Cultural Workshops & Training will help you directly address these issues and help you develop the competence you need to be more effective when working across cultures. Throughout the workshops and training sessions we collaborate and develop best practices for dealing with cultural differences in your work environment.

We identify strategies and tactics to address the business activities directly relevant to your needs. Together we will analyze your cultural profile and design an individual action plan that fits you.

arrow-orange-7Build Cultural Awareness - Recognize, Respect and Reconcile cultural differences.
arrow-orange-7Build effective skills for communicating and managing across cultures.
arrow-orange-7Acquire valuable information needed to employ appropriate behavioral strategies when conducting business in a cross-cultural environment.
arrow-orange-7Gain insights into working with partners from different cultures.
arrow-orange-7Build side-by-side cultural profiles which will provide the foundation for cross-cultural understanding and have relevance to your objectives.
arrow-orange-7Develop personal cultural profiles encouraging an understanding of the unique characteristics each individual brings to all cross-cultural interactions.
arrow-orange-7 Individual cultural profile.
arrow-orange-7Strategies for leveraging cultural differences as assets..
arrow-orange-7Communication styles.
arrow-orange-7Relationship building.
arrow-orange-7Conducting face-to-face or distance meetings.
arrow-orange-7Decision-making pattern.