How to Hire a Professional Spanish Interpreter?

Linguistic assistance is a widely needed skill in today’s market. Whether you need a Spanish interpreter to deal with business associates...

Do you need to hire a Spanish interpreter to communicate with a native Spanish speaker who does not speak English well?  It could be for a medical, legal, or even business reasons.  No matter their “why,” a professional interpreter will make your life easier.

Hiring a professional Spanish interpreter will  lead to better communication between you and the Limited English speaker.

Types of Interpreting Services

Before delving into the “how” of hiring a Spanish interpreter, let’s briefly list the 3 types of interpreting services available to you. They are:

Now the How!

Now, there are several ways to find a qualified Spanish interpreter. Let’s review the most common ways to finding a professional Spanish interpreter:

Local Agencies:

A language translation and interpretation agency can be a good source to find a professional interpreter. You may want to start off by checking online for local agencies. And, since most companies have a website, you will be able to get information directly online.  

However, you need to review the  testimonials past clients have left online for the agency you are thinking about hiring. Google can be a good source to see how past clients have been treated by the agency.  You can click here to see what our past clients say about our company (Cesco Linguistic Services) \ on Google. 

One last point about using a translation and interpretation agencies is that they do the screening of the interpreter for you. This normally means you don’t have to worry if the interpreter is qualified or not. Now, I use the word “normally” here because like all industries, there are good and bad language companies out there.

Online Freelancers:

Going the “freelance” route is another way.  Although we don’t recommend this route, it is available to you as  an option. Proceed with caution if this is the route you choose. You see, for the most part, you will have to do the vetting yourself.  And, unless you are in the language business, you are probably not qualified to make the best decision.

A Spanish Speaking Friend or Family Member

Of course this is meant to be a joke! You should never, never, ever, hire a non-professional to do the work of a professional.

Here’s another way to put it, would you get your haircut from a barber or hair dresser you don’t know and who does not have a certificate to prove he/she has met some type of qualification?

I guess we’ll just leave it there!

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