Telephone Interpreting Services

What is it?

Also known as Over the Phone Interpreting or OPI, this type of interpreting falls under the general category of Remote Interpreting (RI) which includes Video Remote Interpreting or VRI.

As indicated by the word “remote,” this type of interpreting is performed when your interpreter is located in a remote location and conducting the interpretation session via phone.

Basically, this means the interpreter does not have access to any visual information regarding the encounter between you and the limited English speaking person. Litterally, the interpreter can’t see what is happening in the interaction.

At this point you may rightly so question the quality of interpreting service you will receive if you were to contract an Over the Phone Interpreter. Although there is not a lot of documented research on OPI service quality, recent studies have shown a direct correlation between specialized OPI training and higher level service quality for interpreters that participate in this type of training.

The primary message to you here is that when hiring an over the phone interpreter, you need to ensure this individual has gone through the type of training that ensures higher service level quality. It is the type of training we ensure that our Cesco Linguistic Services OPI interpreters have.

Telephone Interpreting and It’s Cost Effectiveness

When compared to on-site interpreting, telephone interpreting can be more cost effective for those defraying the cost of this service. One of the main reasons is that an over the phone interpreter will not incur travel costs of any kind. Secondly, since this is more of an “on demand” type of interpreting services, there is no “waiting time” cost associated either. This is basically an expense normally charged by an interpreter while waiting for either the English speaker and/or the limited English speaking person to be ready to start the interpreting session.

When would you need to use a Telephone Interpreting Services

On-site, OPI, and even Video Remote Interpreting each have their ideal situation(s) when they can be employed as a mean of communicating with limited English speaking persons. For phone interpreting, one scenario that immediately comes to mind are emergency situations. This includes medical and police emergencies where time is of the essence.

Another scenario where OPI is used in for telephone help lines. This can span across different industries where language assistance is essential for redering a given service such as dosmetic violence victims where connecting the limited English speaker with a social worker would be of great value.

One last scenario that comes to mind is when the limited English person speaks a language or lesser diffusion in the give geographical location. This basically means that an interpreter who speaks that language may be difficult to find locally and thus securing that interpreter via the phone would be more realistic, practical, and possible.

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