Video Remote Interpreting Services

What is it?

As mentioned in our Telephone Interpreting page, Video Remote Interpreting or VRI falls under the Remote Interpreting umbrella of services. In a typical VRI scenario, you and the limited English speaking person are located together at a location with a desktop computer configured with a web camera, or a smart device (such as a smartphone or a tablet) equipped with a video camera. The interpreter is located remotely and may be working directly from an office, a home-based office, or possibly even a call center.

The equipment used on both ends must provide both video and audio connectivity so all parties can both hear and see all aspects of the interpretation. Like all other interpreting services, the job of the Video Remote Interpreter is to facilitate the communication between you and the limited English speaker whom you are interacting with.

As in the case with , interpreters that provide this type of service also received specialized training. This includes training on the type of communication equipment used, the software used for interpreting as well as how to set up the physical environment (i.e. lighting, company logo to display, etc.) for optimal performance.

You can consider Video Remote Interpreting as an alternative when an onsite interpreter is unavailable and using a telephone interpreter is not practical. VRI is currently being used in a wide variety of settings including hospital facilities, medical offices, mental health settings, higher education, court systems, and business settings.

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