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Interpretation and Translation Services


You may have heard phrases such as "in person interpreting" or even "face-to-face interpreting" to describe Onsite Interpreting. And as you probably guessed,
it literally means...


Also known as Over the Phone Interpreting or OPI, this type of interpreting falls under the general category of Remote Interpreting (RI) which includes Video Remote Interpreting or VRI...

Video Remote Interpreting

As mentioned in our Telephone Interpreting page, Video Remote Interpreting or VRI falls under the Remote Interpreting umbrella of services. In a typical VRI scenario, you and the limited English...

Interpreting Equipment Rental

Are you in Denver, Colorado or planning to be in Denver and need to rent interpreting equipment?The equipment used on both ends must provide both video and audio connectivity so all...

Documents Translation

Do you need to translate documents into another languages for your customers, clients/patients , and/or business associates? Perhaps your documents translation need is more for...

Medical Document Translation

Use our Medical Document Translation Services to help you effectively and efficiently communicate in English with your patients via any written medical document...

Legal Translation Services

We provide legal translation services including legal document translation in any language for small, medium, and large size law firms around the world. Our legal document translation service expands...

Translation Services

Because technical translations always involve technical subject matters, precise and accurate translation is key. This of course applies to technical manuals, technical documents, and technical...

Industries We Serve

Interpreting and Translation Company For the Healthcare Industry

Health Care

Reduced treatment time improved patient satisfaction are two of the immediate benefits you will receive when you work with one of qualified medical interpreter.

interpreting and translation services


From interpreting in office depositions, interpreting in the courtroom, interpreting for immigration cases, as well as certified translation of any legal document, we can help!

Interpretation and Translation Services for Worker's Compensation Industries

Workers Compensation

Our on-boarding training and assignment monitoring process assures every worker’s compensation assignment is performed in an unbiased and professional manner.

interpreting and translation services for community


Via our Community Interpreting services, you are able to bring language access to any population you may serve who may be experiencing barriers in accessing any type of public service including housing, police, social services, and a myriad of other public services.

Serving The Interpretation and Translation Needs Of School Districts Across Colorado


Whether for educational workshops, Parent/Teacher conferences, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Special Education, or any of the other education services, our interpreters are trained to help your institution meet its federal obligation.

interpreting and translation services for the global business industry

Global Business

And whether you are doing business in foreign markets, looking to expand into foreign markets, or even wishing to communicate with customers and staff around the world, we can help!

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What Our Customers & Colleagues Say

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"I had a need for a face to face interpreter for Spanish. Cesco provided me with one of their associates and he did a fantastic job. I definitely will use their services again and recommend it to others."
"Working with Stephen made the contract set up a breeze. Our first experience with an interpreter from Cesco was exceptional. Very professional and courtesy. Pricing is very fair for this market. I would highly recommend this company!"
"Cesco came through for us when we needed an interpreter to provide live interpretation during court proceedings. Despite the fact that the request was really last minute, Cesco provided an interpreter who did an excellent job."
"Very nice to work with Cesco. A highly professional team. A+ Quality."
"(Translated by Google) Excellent service and kindness I recommend 100%. (Original) Exelente servicio y amabilidad lo recomiendo Al 100%.."
"Very professional, always on time and our parents have a great experience!"

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