Legal Translations Services

We provide legal translation services including legal document translation in any language for small, medium, and large size law firms around the world.  Our legal document translation service expands to personal documents for immigration purposes.

Our translators are meticoulously vetted for legal translation expertise. And, with each legal translation project, we will provide you a notarized translation certificates which you can use for submittal purpose.

Within our set of ancillary services, we provide  legal transcription services. We can provide your law firm litigation resources for cases requiring expert linguist witness to testify as to the accuracy of a specific translation. An example would be a jail house recording of a phone call that needs to be transcribed and translated, and, which requires a translator to testify in court to the accuracy of the translation. These types of services normally require ATA (American Translators Association) certified personnel who have specific translator degrees as credentials that can be submitted to the court.

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