Onsite Interpreting Services

What is it?

You may have heard phrases such as “in person interpreting” or even “face-to-face interpreting” to describe Onsite Interpreting. And as you probably guessed, it literally means the interpreter is physically present on site, and in person, conduction the interpretation session between you and the limited English speaker.

This physical presence makes onsite interpreting the most effective, efficient, and accurate type of interpreting service you and your limited English person(s) will receive from an interpreting agency.

Modes of Onsite Interpretation

Before delving into the details of the two modes, let’s cover the concept of a source and a target for the purposes of interaction during an interpreting session. The “source” in an interpreting session always refers to the person who is speaking. Where as the “target” always pertains to the person listening or receiving the message. So, whenever you and/or the limited English person is speaking, you are considered the source and each of you is considered the target whenever you are listening.

So, back to our discussion about the two modes or types of interpreting.

First there is consecutive interpreting. In this mode of interpreting, the source may speak a specific word or phrase and then pauses to allow the interpreter to render the message in the target language to the target person. Depending on the length of the message, the interpreter may take notes to ensure accuracy in conveying the message to the target.

Simultaneous interpreting is the other mode of interpretation. In this type of interpreting, the source speaks continuously while the interpreter renders the message (almost in real time) to the target.

Through our vast network of professional interpreters, we can provide you with a onsite interpreter and help your organization communicate in any language on earth.

When would I need to use on-site interpreting services

Onsite interpreters are best used for encounters that are of sensitive nature, emotionally challenging, or possibly when a child is involved. These scenarios may be found in legal court rooms, medical hospitals, and school environments to name a few. Legal interpreting service scenarios can include attorney/client meetings, preliminary hearings, pre-trial discovery activities such as depositions, and the many activities that are part of our legal system.

Medical onsite interpreting service scenarios run the full gamut of health care services including interpreting in emergency room scenarios, interpreting for pre and post medical surgeries, interpreting for doctor appointment follow ups, etc., etc., etc…

In terms of interpreting for schools, this type of interpreting can fall under both education and community interpreting services. The interpreting services rendered here can included, but are not limited to expulsion hearings, community meetings, and the entire range of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) ranging from pre-referral to reevaluation meetings.

As you can see, an onsite interpreter can be used in a wide range of service scenarios.

Also, in spite of the recent popularity of Over The Phone Interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) because of technological advance, face to face interpreting is still very much in high demand.

Need an on-site Interpreter?

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