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No Hardware Needed

Say Goodbe to Equipment Rental Costs

Powered by KUDO’s cloud-based platform, Cesco Connect makes it easy to deliver Remote Simultaneous Interpreting without much need to use the traditional equipment.  This means:

  • No Audio Visual (AV) personnel to manage your multilingual events.
  • No more rental of transmitters, receivers, or other traditional interpreting equipment.
  • Yes to savings on Equipment Rental Costs!

No Interpreting Booths Required

Say Goodbye to Interpreting Booth Costs

Cesco Connect provides you with the optimal alternative to interpreting booths for your multilingual conferences. This means: 

  • No need to worry about making space for the Interpreting Booths.
  • No need to worry about transportation, assembly, and soundproofing of Interpreting Booths.
  • Yes to savings on Interpreting Booth costs!

No Onsite Interpreter Necessary

Say Goodbye to Interpreter Travel Costs

Because our Interpreters work from KUDO certified studios, you will still benefit from the excellent services of our highly qualified pool of interpreters, no matter the language. This means:   

  • No need to book interpreter flights and hotels and manage travel schedule
  • No need to pay for travel days
  • No need for per diems or reimbursements for interpreter meals and incidentals
  • Yes to more savings on interpreter travel fees! 

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Real-time language interpreting from interpreters located in one of our Remote Interpreting Studios around the world.

Crystal Clear Audio and Video so your message is delivered the way you intend it to be delivered.

More than 50% cost reduction for your multilingual meetings, multilingual conferences, and other multilingual events.

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Virtual Council Meetings

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Interpreting and Translation of Any Language On Earth!