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Do you need to translate documents into another languages for your customers, clients/patients , and/or business associates? Perhaps your documents translation need is more for legal or medical purposes. Or maybe, your translation needs are for technical documents. Or better yet, you need your company’s website translated into a language other than English. No matter your documents translation needs, we can help. Headed by our VP of Translation who many consider “the MJ” of the Translation Industry, we take great pride guaranteeing accuracy with every single documents translation assignment. And of course we can be counted on for last minute turnaround at attractive market prices.

Do my documents need to be certified?

That’s a question we often hear. The easiest way to answer this question is to think of it from a legal or governmental perspective. Meaning that if the document being translated will be used by some type of legal body such as a court or being submitted to a government agency, then the translation will have to be certified.

What is a “Certified Translation” Anyway?

Okay, so the next logical question obviously is, “so what is a certified translation?” Simply put, certified document translations require the original document (i.e. source document) and the translated document be accompanied by a signed certificate from the translation agency certifying the translation is accurate and complete. It’s important to note that some countries require the document to be notarized by a public notary.

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