Punjabi Interpreters Available Now!

We can provide you with a qualified Punjabi Interpreter that’s ready and available to help you now with your language interpreting service needs.

This includes Punjabi Interpreters for  On-site Interpreting requests, Over The Phone Interpreting (OPI) requests, and Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) requests.

Some of the more common types of assignments we can assist with include health care, legal cases, worker compensation cases, education meetings of every type, community service types of meetings, as well as a myriad of government types of service meetings.

We normally provide On-site Punjabi interpreting service throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area. However, we have been successful in fulfilling Punjabi language interpreting requests throughout most of the state of Colorado and welcome any and all request on a national and international level.

In terms of OPI and VRI requests, we have been able to, and can fulfill any request for a Punjabi interpreter no matter the location or subject matter 

Some of the qualifications we require our Punjabi interpreters to posses include:

  • Demonstration of bilingual proficiency from English to Punjabi.
  • Certificate of an accredited 40-hour interpreting training. 
  • MUST be able to perform consecutiveinterpreting and sight-translation from English to Punjabi.

By the way, we can also assist you with Punjabi translation services (i.e. the written word) for all document  types and websites as well. 

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